18C2C: Manifest Destiny

An epic game of transcontinental railroad building.

Build an Empire.

We have the honor to report the last rail is laid, the last spike is driven.

Promontory Summit, May 10th, 1869.

From the beginnings of railroading in the east, across the mighty Mississippi river, through the forbidding Rocky Mountains, the entirety of the continental United States is your playground. Join the great American robber barons of the age of steam and build your own massive empire.

18C2C is a game about the development of railroads in the United States. Buy stock in the 32 corporations, and use them to lay track, build railway stations, and run an increasingly more powerful array of engines from city to city. Run your railroads for the most profit, and lead the charge up the stock market. The winner is the player with the highest net worth when the modern age arrives.